Rare Feeling of Dreams Being Realized


I’m sitting here at a cafe in San Jose, Costa Rica with a perfect iced mocha. My life feels a little like a gift wrapped in a bow. For years I was writing and traveling but under the thumb of someone else. I never got to see what I could achieve for myself while being a writer. I have a newfound motivation for writing, for finding new clients and enhancing the knowledge I already have.

So here I am working as I travel. This is everything I’ve worked for and although I love the idea of love (hopeless romantic) I feel really good about this. I feel a kind of fulfillment that can’t be touched. A truth that is all mine. If my mom were still here, she would “like” this article for sure. I think this is what she always hoped for me. Security I could find in myself while being happy.

This feeling is rare and I’m going to soak it in and relish in it for a minute. I should probably write because after all, it’s my bread and butter now. Wish me luck!

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