Solid Paradise

I woke up this morning after my first night of good sleep in about a week. I could hear the fire crackling and the birds singing. I went into the kitchen and grabbed my new large decadent coffee mug my sister got me. The coffee smelt so rich, it woke my senses up. I went outside and took in the tranquility of the morning. The sun was kissing half of the acreage while the other half was frost covered.

I am already inspired to be creative, to do whatever it takes to establish myself here. I want to wake up to the surrounding forest every day. There is a special magic here in the Haida Gwai and I am already hooked. Even in the silence, there is a fullness to nature here. A presence of security that I am safe and that the island protects all of it’s inhabitants.

After traveling for so long, this feels like a place to finish a book, meet wonderful people and just take some time to breath. A place of reflection where I don’t need courage to just stay. I feel like it’s welcoming me to stay awhile and unwind. I always thought paradise came in a package of sun, beach and buddhas. The Haida Gwai gives me the same joy and fulfillment as a perfect day in the sunshine on a beach. I guess that’s what it’s about more than anything, the way you feel in a place as opposed to the place itself.

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